ROTRAC provides port operations in the largest seaport in the region of Southeast Europe as follows:
  • unload from auto / rail / maritime transports;
  • qualitative and quantitative receiving of goods;
  • stacking goods on sizes and beneficiaries;
  • merchandise management throughout the storage;
  • lots training for loading goods on demand of the beneficiaries / marking of goods;
  • loading / unloading ships;
  • other operations required by beneficiaries: painting, numbering, sorting, etc;
  • container operation;
  • loading / unloading into / from general cargo container;
  • containers storage.

For the proper conduct of the activity, the company has specific equipment for general goods operations as follows:

  • quay cranes 6,2 tf (Bocsa);
  • auto cranes 12,5 and 25 tf (Telemac and KC);
  • forklifts with lifting capacities between 3 and 7 to (Nissan, Daewoo și Hyunday);
  • tractors with trailer of 20 to or trailer of 5/7 to.

The machines available, the material together with the professional staff ensure a wide range of operations that the company ROTRAC may incur in port of Constantza, at the request of its customers.