Because it is located on the routes of three corridors, the Port of Constantza benefits from an advantageous geographical Pan-European location: IV-th Corridor, IX-th Corridor and VII-th Corridor (The Danube) - linking the North Sea to the Black Sea by the Rhine-Main-Danube corridor.

Constantza port has a major role in the european inter-modal transport network, favorably located at the intersection of trade routes linking landlocked country markets in Central and Eastern Transcaucasus region, Central Asia and Far East.

Port of Constantza is one of the main distribution center serving the region of Central and Eastern Europe, offering a number of advantages, among which the most important are:

  • multifunctional port with modern facilities and water depths in the basin sufficient to harbor the largest ships that pass through the Suez Canal;
  • direct access to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe through the Pan-European VII;
  • The Danube;
  • center of containers distribution to the Black Sea ports;
  • good connections with all modes of transport: rail, road, inland waterway, air and pipeline;
  • availability of areas for future development;
  • the Port of Constantza has the status of Free Zone, which allows setting the framework necessary to facilitate foreign trade and transit of goods to / from Central and Eastern Europe.